2017-08-01 15.25.10-12016-17 Canvas Thumbs Up Recipient:
Michelle Slattery

Full-Time Faculty, Psychology (PSYC)
419.755.5676 | mslattery@ncstatecollege.edu

Student Nomination Comments About What They Found Beneficial :

  • “Michelle is always on canvas responding to any questions. Her willingness to answer questions or find answers that she doesn’t have is always a big help. She is available at all times, Day or night.”
  • “An online course has never been so easy to navigate thanks to how she sent the PSYC2010 course up to be. I never have to wait on a reply, she is always activate, and supportive if we do need assistance!”
  • “Weekly updates on the homepage.”
  • “…respond very quickly and are always up to date with grades”… “Always made sure to have your grades posted not long after it was due.”
  • “The use of notifications for when assignments were due and the use of the home page for important announcements were very helpful.”
  • “The guidelines for each week with the assignments. Also on the home page she puts any school happenings”
  • “She sends out informative emails on canvas each week, she ensures we have links to everything we need including the rubric, she responds to comments, and has made this online semester for me so much better than anyone else.”
  • “Her organization, clear expectations, and quick responses has made the class a pleasure to take. I can always look at the homepage on Canvas to stay current and to know what is due for the week. She has broken my class into smaller groups for discussions. I love this because you don’t have so many discussions to filter through. She utilizes email through Canvas as well. She is always very quick to respond and has been extremely helpful with all of my “technology” questions. Being able to access my quizzes through Canvas is extremely easy and convenient. Ms. Slattery has utilized Canvas extremely well and made the class incredibly user friendly and I have enjoyed being part of it!”
  • “Everything is up to date. No errors.”

Specific identified “best practices” of Canvas use that you do:
“I update my course home page each week and list the assignments due for the week on that page. Once the home page has been updated, I send an email through Canvas Inbox to the class prompting them to review the updated course home page information. For discussions, I separate the students into groups to make reading and interacting with one another more manageable (only about 10 students per group versus a full class discussion of 20ish students). I have rubrics for all writing assignments. I type corrections and comments in the body of student papers, comments on the rubric, and then comments in the general comments box. I respond to student messages within 24 hours of the message being sent (usually response time is probably much less than that).”

  • Frequent/Prompt grade entry
  • Extensive use of comments/ feedback capabilities on assignments
  • Timely Use of Inbox to communicate/ Respond
  • Posting of all class material/, files etc.
  • Use of Assignment Due Dates and detailed, clear directions
  • Structured Student-student discussion forum responses
  • Made available supplemental links/ files etc.
  • Ensuring all links/ files etc. updated and functioning/accurate
  • Sending reminders via course homepage/Inbox etc.
What is at least 1 other specific Canvas practice beyond those mentioned above that you do/ have done and believe has helped student success & retention in your courses?

“Given the nature of the subject I teach, many student writings are about personal topics. When commenting on these more personal components, I try to convey appreciation that students are talking about themselves and their lives. When students share that they are struggling with problems/issues in their lives, I try to provide them with support and resources to help them.”