2017-05-11 10.45.212016-17 Canvas Thumbs Up Recipient:
James Predovich

Part-Time Faculty,
First-Year Experience (FYEX)/ Music (MUSC)

Student Nomination Comments About What They Found Beneficial :

  • “Posts Information and quick responses”

Specific identified “best practices” of Canvas use that you do:
Very conscious effort on my part this term to make sure every bit of material is accessible through canvas in it’s appropriate spot under correct headings and putting grades in that same week...

  • Frequent/Prompt grade entry
  • Extensive use of comments/ feedback capabilities on assignments
  • Timely Use of Inbox to communicate/ Respond
  • Timely Use of Announcements to Update/communicate with Students
  • Use of Discussions to respond to student posts/ Update/Communicate
  • Posting of all class material/, files etc.
  • Use of Assignment Due Dates and detailed, clear directions
  • Media recorder/Zoom Video uploads for mini tutorials/narrated How Tos
  • Made available supplemental links/ files etc.
  • Ensuring all links/ files etc. updated and functioning/accurate
  • Sending reminders via course homepage/Inbox etc.
What is at least 1 other specific Canvas practice beyond those mentioned above that you do/ have done and believe has helped student success & retention in your courses?

Setting the expectation from day one they are to check canvas every day for course happenings and encouraging them to download the app to their phone.

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