2017-05-11 10.54.58-12016-17 Canvas Thumbs Up Recipient:
Cheryl McKinley

Part-Time Faculty, Philosophy (PHIL)

Student Nomination Comments About What They Found Beneficial :

  • “Allows us to use discussion boards to talk with and reply to other students in the class.”

Specific identified “best practices” of Canvas use that you do:
One thing that I have learned over the years of online teaching is that it is not so much the quantity of assignments that counts inasmuch as the quality of assignments. For example, I provide Discussion posts that are exciting and insightful, students can apply what they have learned in the Module and textbook for breadth and depth knowledge. For example, students discuss the newly created Artificial Intelligent bots who will soon make their way into society as useful assistants to humans; but the question arises….Should Artificial Intelligent bots have rights? The student must reflect on what they have learned about “rights” and moral theories and apply to the discussion post (“…use material from the text to support your ideas, including in-text citation as well as reply to two other student posts”)

  • Frequent/Prompt grade entry
  • Extensive use of comments/ feedback capabilities on assignments
  • Timely Use of Inbox to communicate/ Respond
  • Timely Use of Announcements to Update/communicate with Students
  • Use of Discussions to respond to student posts/ Update/Communicate
  • Posting of all class material/, files etc.
  • Use of Assignment Due Dates and detailed, clear directions
  • Structured Student-student discussion forum responses
  • Made available supplemental links/ files etc.
  • Ensuring all links/ files etc. updated and functioning/accurate
  • Sending reminders via course homepage/Inbox etc.
What is at least 1 other specific Canvas practice beyond those mentioned above that you do/ have done and believe has helped student success & retention in your courses?

I keep a journal on student writing. As the student progresses in the course, I can better assist the student’s needs or give them a thumb’s up and congratulate them on their writing improvements. Without the journal, though, it would be difficult to track this progress.