In the early days of automobiles, the cities of Marion and Cedar Rapids, Iowa had a running dispute as to which was the actual county seat of Linn County. When the first coast to coast highway, the Lincoln Highway, put in its route, it dutifully channeled through Marion which at the time had the bigger claim to the title.

Yet Cedar Rapids realized the future was in paved roads, so the people of Cedar Rapids pitched in and created a straight paved route to Cedar Rapids from the Lincoln Highway before the jog North to Marion. marion-cedarcutout

Traffic naturally started flowing along the improved paved road into Cedar Rapids versus the “official” dirt and mud unimproved road north into Marion. Soon the official Lincoln Highway map was updated to match reality on the ground, cutting Marion off the route, and soon after that Marion lost any of its claims to county seat with Cedar Rapids being the clear, bustling center of Linn County.

With the increasingly competition in high education, getting a student to NC State is a challenge. Holding onto them is tougher.  As an institution we have to align ourselves from all aspects to be Cedar Rapids and make the smoothest experience possible for students.

This is NOT saying “smooth” as in lowering academic standards for easy As all round!!

The is saying finding ways in each of our classes to make students have as seamless of an experience for services and


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