• When will I get access to my Upcoming Term CANVAS COURSES ???

    All course sections’ Canvas sites are created 2-3 months before the term.
    As sections are added on MyNC , they will be auto generated in Canvas.
    As you are assigned to a course by your Asst. Dean on MyNC , this will push out to Canvas and give you instructor access to assigned section’s Canvas site(s).

  • I know I have been assigned a section but I’m not seeing it on my ‘COURSES menu in Canvas?

    Update Your “courses” menu to show only the courses you want to see

  • When will my enrolled students get access to my Upcoming Term’s Canvas Courses?

    A canvas course must be “PUBLISHED” for it to appear in Canvas to enrolled students

    • eLearning sections (90x, 91x & 92x):
      Will be AUTOMATICALLY published to students 8am on THE FIRST DAY OF THE TERM.
    • Traditional sections:
      Instructor’s are responsible for manually publishing Canvas site(s) to your students
      [via the “PUBLISH” button on the course homepage ]
      Canvas Power TIP:
      Tell students 1st day of class your timeline for when you will publish your section’s Canvas site
  • How do I copy my existing Canvas course(s) stuff to my New Term course(s)?

    Canvas Power TIP:
    Check the “Adjust events and due dates” option to have Canvas Auto update your due dates & events!
    se ‘Calendar’ to then manually tweak around Break dates

  • Do I need to add my students to my Next Term Canvas Course?

    All student enrollments are “live” — as students enroll in your courses via MyNC, they will be enrolled within a (business) day in Canvas.
    As they drop a section, they will be removed from Canvas.
    Go to “People” or “Grades” in Canvas to view current section enrollments.
    Reminder that no matter if enrolled students are showing in the people or grades area, they will NOT see your canvas course until it is published.

  • Can I add other instructors/embedded tutors etc. to my Canvas course?

    Yes – contact eli@ncstatecollege.edu | 419.755.4706

  • Where can I get help doing any or all this??


  • Non-CCP Canvas DEFAULT START date for all published courses =
    1st OFFICIAL DAY OF THE TERM, 12:01am
  • CCP Courses Canvas DEFAULT Start Date =
    Start Date published in MyNC 
  • Non-CCP Canvas DEFAULT date for courses to END =
    TWO WEEKS After Final Sunday of Term
    (course will become read only after this point  & disappears from Student’s “Courses” list) 
  • CCP Courses Canvas DEFAULT End Date =
    2 WEEKS AFTER Course End Date posted in MyNC
    (course will become read only after this point  & disappears from Student’s “Courses” list)
  • NOTE: You can override these default start & end dates as needed

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