No more shuffling around flash drives!

NC State Students: You now have a “OneDrive” tab for Canvas assignments (that allow file uploads).
This will allow you to have a full cloud workflow for flexibility on the go from file creation (Office365) to backup/storage (OneDrive) to turning in work (Canvas).

  1. For any Canvas Assignment with a file upload, click “Submit Assignment” button:
    but butt grr
  2. Click the “Onedrive for Business” tab
    1note tabber
  3. Click the “LOGIN” button
    1drive login
  4. Login to your Office 365 using your NCSC @mail.ncstatecollege.edu address and password
    1drive login2
  5. Click the “ATTACH” button for the file you want to turn in
  6. Enter any comments you want to make to the instructor & Click “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT”
    submit attached

NCSC Username And Password Formula:     www.tinyurl.com/ncsclogin 
NCSC Office 365 & OneDrive Access:                         www.tinyurl.com/ncscofc365
How-Tos and Support:                                                   www.ncstatecollege.edu/help
Login Questions/Issues:                                                419.755.4734 8a-5p Mon-Fri.


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