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As Canvas rolls out regular updates every 3 weeks, it is important to document changes so we can all stay up to date on the latest features and functionality.

This will document highlights of all Canvas Summer 2016 Updates. As the updates are rolled out, we will update this page throughout the Summer.

June 4, 2016  Minor Update Highlights

New Features

PEOPLE Sidebar Consolidated Into GEAR icon drop-down menu
How to View Student Access Report via PEOPLE

Dashboard – RECENT FEEDBACK Date Range Extension
Students’ “Recent Feedback” section shows recent feedback for assignments updated in the last four weeks instead of two weeks.
What the Course Homepage looks like to Students on desktop/laptop | on iOS App | on DROID App

SYLLABUS Page Updated
The Edit button has been moved out of the sidebar, to match the placement and behavior in other Canvas pages. It will also now include icons to differentiate assignments from events:
Using the Syllabus Page

 Files- Updated move icon
files icon
How to Use the Files Area

 Accessibility Updates

The “FILES” Search field includes a label to identify the field to screen readers.

 When a user selects all files, the state of the Select All checkbox can be read by screen readers.

 In GRADES, When a student clicks the Show Saved What-If Scores button or Revert to Actual Score button, screen readers can read a message indicating the scores have been changed. Focus is also retained on the button.

 Bug Fixes

In course analytics, the table view shows zero as the lowest possible score.

Differentiated assignments can be created for an assignment as long as one course section is active.

Dragging and dropping an assignment or event in the mini calendar saves the new date.

In Firefox, the Subscribe button does not overlap the sidebar content.

After re-uploading an assignment submission, instructors can click the Back to Gradebook link.

 Instructors can view the Grades page for inactive students.

In Canvas pages that includes sidebars, sidebar content is retained at the top of the page. For longer pages, content does not scroll along with the page.

The Link Validator retrieves a URL’s page information if the header status request is not received. Additionally, the page text includes a note that some unresponsive links may be inaccessible from Canvas servers by are still valid for students.

 June 25, 2016  Minor Update Highlights

 New Features

Gradebook Complete/Incomplete Icon Updates
The icons for the complete and incomplete grades in the Gradebook have been updated to match similar icons throughout Canvas. This change does not affect the student Grades page as the icons were updated in a previous release.

How to edit Assignments & Different Options Available

Add Rubric & Add Rubric Criterion Link Updates
The buttons for adding rubrics in both the Assignments and Rubrics page match similar button styles throughout Canvas. As part of the rubric creation page, the Add Criterion link also has an updated icon

How to Create a Grading Rubric in Canvas (Note: once created you can copy and reuse anywhere in Canvas)
How to add a rubric to an assignment
How to add a rubric to a graded Discussion

 Accessibility Updates

Announcements  & Discussions filter checkboxes include labels for screen readers.

 The Rich Content Editor table primary button color displays a color contrast of 3:1 for the default Canvas interface and 4.5:1 for high contrast profiles.

 Bug Fixes

Course Import
When a course is copied, group discussions are imported into their matching group set.

Instructors can attach files to graded discussions with a rubric.

When an instructor creates a restricted access date for a file, Canvas validates that the Available From date is earlier than the Until date.

When a zero is entered for a letter grade assignment, the letter F is shown along with the score of zero.

When a user sets up push notifications for announcements in the Canvas mobile app, new announcements are also sent to the user’s email address if the email notification is set to send immediately (ASAP).

 Rich Content Editor
If a user opens the Embed Image window in the Rich Content Editor but cancels the action, any additional changes in the content window are saved.

 Student View In Unpublished Courses
Student View can be accessed in unpublished courses with full course navigation available to students.

 Next Scheduled Canvas Update
Saturday, July 16, 2016

August 6, 2016  Update Highlights

New Features

Exclusion of Graded Assignments From Final Grade Total Option
This feature was originally suggested by the Canvas Community.

When creating or editing an assignment, instructors can choose whether or not assignments count toward the final grade. This feature allows instructors to provide feedback without an assignment counting toward “TOTAL” Gradebook calculations. The option to remove assignments from the final grade can be changed at any time on a per-assignment basis.
Note: This feature is only available in assignments; it does not apply to graded discussions or quizzes.

When an assignment is removed from total grade calculations, the assignment displays a banner in the assignments page and assignment details page indicating that the assignment does not apply to the final grade:
Assignments-Final-Grade-ExclusionThe Gradebook displays a warning icon for assignments that do not apply to the final grade. Selected assignments are excluded from Gradebook calculations in the Total Grade column. The student Grades page also displays the same icon showing the assignment does not apply to the final grade.:
How to Create Assignments and Options

SpeedGrader Interface Update
This feature contains multiple ideas originally suggested by the Canvas Community.
In SpeedGrader, the primary navigation buttons have been moved to the right side of the menu bar to be more closely associated with the most frequently used features in SpeedGrader. Navigating from student to student is now located directly above the sidebar.

The less frequently used navigation buttons have been moved to the left side of the menu bar: return to the Gradebook, mute the assignment, view keyboard shortcuts, view the help menu, and change Gradebook settings.
Assignment details (assignment name, due date, and course name) and grading statistics are in the middle of the menu bar.

Icon/Link Updates:

The keyboard shortcut icon has been updated to a keyboard icon. This icon also appears in the Gradebook.

To return to the course home page, click the name of the course. The course name is located below the name of the assignment next to the due date.


How to Use SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader Comments Drafts
If an instructor creates a comment in SpeedGrader and navigates to another submission without submitting the comment, or refreshes the page, SpeedGrader autosaves the comment and notifies the instructor it has been saved as a draft. The instructor can go back to the student’s submission and submit the comment at a later time. Comments cannot be viewed by students when in draft.

Note: Currently, draft comments cannot be edited, but they can be deleted or submitted at any time.
How to leave feedback comments for students in SpeedGrader

 Accessibility Updates

In the month calendar view, the mini calendar can be viewed by screen readers.

For Recent Activity items, the button has been renamed from close to ignore for screen readers.

To remove confusion about being links or buttons, the Individual View Gradebook Score column does not include tabindex=”0”.

Module progression icons include descriptive context for screen readers explaining how to complete a module item. If the module item is already complete, the description explains how the module item was completed.

The Assignments list and the Assignment Groups table include H2 headings.

 Bug Fixes

Analytics are retained in Conversations for messages that are deleted from a student’s inbox.

Users with more than 10 calendars do not see duplicate events in an calendar.

 Course Import
Announcements are not imported with any selected discussion topics, fixing a bug where announcements were importing if any discussions were selected.

 When a user imports a course with more than 10 discussions in Chrome, the course sorts the discussions consistently.

When an instructor sets a course file with a specific publishing state or restricted use setting, replacing the file does not affect the previous settings.

 Truncated file names do not overlap the files icon in Safari.

Instructors can click on complete/incomplete grades to change scores in the Gradebook.

 Grade CSV file uploads do not require grades for new assignments.

When instructors view a group home page and click the menu next to the course name, instructors can view the entire name of the group.

Text notifications include the subject and the first line of the message.

Student Peer Review
Students can view the rubric for a peer review assignment at any time.

Next Scheduled Canvas Update:
Saturday, August 27, 2016


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