carmen artist2015-16 Canvas Artist: Carmen Morrison
Fulltime Faculty, CIS/ITEC
419.755.4865 | cmorrison@ncstatecollege.edu

Student Nomination Comments About What They Found Beneficial :

  • “Carmen has made it very easy to find assignments and the readability of her announcements is great.”
  • “All of the work is posted in Canvas and kept up to date. “
  • “That everything she has done is very thorough… the calendar in canvas, it makes it easier to see when things are due. Helps me with structure and time management”

Specific identified “best practices” of Canvas use that you do:

  • Frequent grade entry
  • Extensive use of comments/ feedback on assignments
  • Use of Inbox to communicate
  • Use of Announcements to respond to student posts
  • Posting of all assignment material/ directions. info
  • Use of Assignment Due Dates
  • Structured Student-student discussion forum responses
  • Use of submitting assignments online
What is at least 1 other specific Canvas practice beyond those mentioned above that you do/ have done and believe has helped student success & retention in your courses?

Created HELP Module that organizes all the resources a student would need for assistance

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