justin artist2015-16 Canvas Artist: Justin Tickhill
Full-Time Faculty, Biology

Student Nomination Comments About What They Found Beneficial :

  • “…posts grades very shortly after the assignment has been turned in.”
  • “…makes it very easy to find all resources and references to lectures and worksheets. Up coming lectures and labs are made very clear.  “
  • “Quizzes”

Student identified “best practices” of Canvas use that you do:

  • Frequent grade entry
  • Use of Inbox to communicate
  • Use of Announcements to respond to student posts
  • Posting of all assignment material/ directions. info
  • Use of Assignment Due Dates
  • Use of submitting assignments online
Brief summary of how you implement/ have setup any of the above that you selected?

On-line quizzes. Post Audio lectures Post extensive review materials

What is at least 1 other specific Canvas practice beyond those mentioned above that you do/ have done and believe has helped student success & retention in your courses?

Adding additional practice materials for students to access

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