janny artist--Mk32015-16 Canvas Artist: Janny Nauman
Full-Time Faculty, Communications
jnauman@ncstatecollege.edu | 419.755.5654

Student Nomination Comments About What They Found Beneficial :

  • “Janny Nauman specifically is great with resources and notes as well from lectures…. very helpful when it comes to contact information and it being on Canvas. Helps when students have questions.”
  • “…posts grades very shortly after the assignment has been turned in.”

Student identified “best practices” of Canvas use that you do:

  • Use of Inbox to communicate
  • Posting of all assignment material/ directions. info
  • Structured Use of Student Groups

 Brief summary of how you implement/ have setup any of the above that you selected?

Have key word outlines, for lectures. These will help a student review, or can be used to take notes, however they are not meant to stand on there own. Groups are used to randomly assign speakers to speaking day, and facilitate sharing information on their group presentation assignment.

1 other specific Canvas practice beyond those mentioned above that you do/ have done and believe has helped student success & retention in your courses?

Post basic College information resources. I.e. Library guides; phone numbers and contact; registration dates, etc.