• Students need as much immediate feedback as possible;
  • In-class quizzing can be drudgery;
  • Ways to break up didactic lectures and to get widespread feedback to test student comprehension can be cumbersome and ineffective…


“Engagement” can be nailed down as “students’ cognitive investment in, active participation in, and emotional commitment to their learning.” -Weimer
“the interactive dynamic of games has the potential to benefit teaching and learning… what some describe as ‘gameful learning’ to increase engagement, enhance learning, and explore new models of education.”

Educause, “7 Things You Should Know About… Games& Learning”


The flexible, free, game-based learning tool KAHOOT can be used as a “clicker” system for engaging students and motivating with immediate feedback in a live class session in person or for online hybrids. (Fully online courses could also be adapted with ghost mode option)

Got a smartphone or other device? Try this Sample demo Kahoot
Advance questions on this device and play/ answer on your smartphone or other device.

– Free Kahoot Account from www.getkahoot.com
– Multiple Choice Questions (or open ended ones) to test level of understanding you are after ( an art to work at in itself!)
– Instructor PC in classroom with Internet access, speakers & projector

– SmartPhone, laptop or Tablet that can connect to the internet
(For students that do not have this, they can pair up or form small groups which can support the Best Practices of Encouraging Student-Student Interaction & promote 21st Century worker “soft skills” — which employers locally and nationally are dying for in graduates.)

  1. ID what role you want to use your Kahoot for:
    Formative Pre-Test after readings; Interactive Review after lecture, Active Learning approach, etc.
  2. Create your Kahoot – Tutorial Video | PDF Starter Guide
  3. In-class, login to Kahoot on Instructor PC and pull it up.
  4. Offer any prep instruction or activate prior learning
  5. Setup options and launch Kahoot
  6. Students get out devices and login with name & custom Game PIN on screen
    (Best Practice = Require students login with real full name)
  7. Once all logged in launch 1st Q
  8. Correct answer displayed at end of Q time
  9. Then the running Scoreboard will be displayed
  10. Repeat for each Question until end of Kahoot reached and winner determined

Based on the role you are using the Kahoot in, you can then review previous instruction or offer customized, focused lesson or activity on the areas the Kahoot indicates the class is struggling with.


Pick one lesson or topic that students usually have either struggled with or never seem to get very engaged with. Determine what role you want to use a Kahoot in, a reading pre-test, interactive active learning or post activity/ lecture concept check for this topic. Make a small Kahoot and use in class. Get student feedback afterwards of what their thoughts were.



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