Available as of today, 2/22/16, the eLi Department has made available to all NCSC Adjunct & Fulltime Faculty a small pool of loaner multimedia equipment. This is to support creation of custom Multimedia to enhance your classes as well as support success and retention through mini lectures or other material.

What Is Available?2016-02-16 16.46.28

  • 11 High Quality external USB Blue Ice Microphones with Pop filters
    Allows you to create professional studio quality audio on any tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • lifecam11 HD USB Microsoft LifeCam Webcams with USB light
    Allows you to create high quality HD webcam video for interaction or recording mini lectures.
  • 3 wacom drawWacom USB Draw Stylus tablets
    Allows you to have sophisticated annotation/ illustrations on any digital whiteboard to create cstom illustrations or enhance recorded mini lectures.
  • 2016-02-19 15.31.141 Prosumer Video Recording Field Kit
    Allows you to create custom high quality videos to illustrate any or all equipment, material in action in the field and or interviews with expert practitioners, virtual guest speakers etc. etc.

How Long Can I Check Out Equipment For?

Flexible checkout lengths are currently available, from one week to a full term. As the program goes forward, we will adjust this based on supply and demand and utilization.

How Do I Check Out Equipment?

All faculty interested in checking out equipment will need to 1st complete a faculty consent usage agreement form. Based on equipment and availability, contact eLi – 419.755.4706 or dl@ncstatecollege.edu to determine arrangements for which facility to pickup and return equipment to. Mics and webcams are available from all NCSC facilities, including Urban & Crawford Ctrs.

What are the limitations on what I can Use the Equipment for?

All equipment is to be used for developing materials or supporting your NC state classes. Use for personal or non-NC State projects is not allowed. All usage of the equipment must fully comply with the NC State usage policies as well as city, state federal laws. The consent form is your legal agreement to abide by these terms.


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