innovation minute bannerWho?

Brad Wood, PTA [Physical Therapy Asst.] Program —
bwood@ncstatecollege.edu | 419.755.5624
140 Health Sciences
(2014 NC State Fulltime Faculty Member of the Year)

What is the Innovation?

Using Formative or Pre-Testing before class to identify gaps

How was it done?

“I have the students read the chapter prior to class and then in class the link to a Google Form is put up on the screen for students to go to and fill out the multiple choice quiz.  This will give me live data that allows me to structure my lecture and classroom collaboration to the needs of the students.  Example of this would be, if 75% of the students understand and answer the questions correctly then I can move to the next concept.  If 50% of the class understands then I can adjust my lecture to allow for follow up on that particular concept before moving onto the next concept.  Here is a link to a short 3 minute video http://goo.gl/2pFg9l — If anyone has questions I can help guide them through the process or answer any questions they may have.  If other people want to share ideas I would like that as well. “

Data on Success Impact?

Class avg. test scores for Midterm and Final with lecture only:

  • Fall 2011  – 81.3%
  • Spring 2012  – 80.7%

Avg. test scores for Midterm and Final with technology integrated w/ lecture:

  • Fall 2012  – 84.2%
  • Spring 2013  -83.9%
  • Fall 2013 — 85.6%
  • Spring 2014  –88.2%

Tools Used to Do This?

Google Forms: http://www.google.com/forms/about/

“One of the best free ways to perform formative assessment in the classroom would be Google Forms.  There are alternative to Google Forms, (see list below).  Google forms is user friendly and it collects data automatically and arranges the responses in a spreadsheet that can be downloaded into Excel.  I have used this to take attendance, which allows me to save the time of calling out the student’s name, and start going over the material.  So, the question becomes what if another student signs in late or does it at home after their friend gave them the link?  The answer is simple yet ingenious, you can add the timestamp on the form so only you know that it is being timestamped, so we know exactly when that student finished the form. Google forms can be used in many ways.  The most valuable way that I have used Google Forms is through formative assessment.

Alternatives to GoogleForms:

Resources to Go Deeper on This?


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