To use the rubric or annotation capabilities of Canvas successfully, you need to understand and train and document for students how to access the rich feedback you are taking the time to give your students to guide them towards success.

NOTE: For Canvas to function correctly as documented below, for both you and your students it is crucial that you and your students do the following tech prep Week 1:

1) Make sure you/students have the latest version of their web browser. Free Mac & Windows auto updating browsers at:
www.getfirefox.com or www.google.com/chrome

2) Have the latest free Flash Player:

Failure for you or your students to do BOTH of these will result in Canvas not functioning fully.

How can I see what my students see?> Student View

Student View is a tool built into every Canvas course that allows you to view your course as your students exactly as they are seeing it. Any activities you do in the student view as far as taking quizzes, submitting assignments etc. will be connected to “Test Student” in the “Grades” area. You will be the only one that can see anything done with Test Student work, so you can practice adding and viewing rubric and or annotations feedback using this Student View.

To access student View, go to “Settings”>”Student View” (top button right hand column:

See more info on Student View…

How students can access my Rubric scoring

If you are using rubrics in Canvas’s SpeedGrader (which using rubrics for grading is a best practice in general) you will need to understand and orient your students how to access this rich feedback.

Once you have finished grading an assignment for a student with a rubric, the student can go to the “Grades” area and click the rubric icon for that assignment:student rubric iconOnce they do this, the rubric scoring will expand to show your rubric scores for them:
rubric expand
Here is a documentation link you can direct students to for step by step directions on how to do this:

How students can access my Annotations

If you are using SpeedGrader’s annotations capabilities on Word .doc/docx files students submit in canvas, you will need to understand and orient your students how to access this rich feedback.

Once you have left your annotated comments on student submitted files, students will then be able to go to “Grades” and then click the graded assignment name form the list:
assignment list

This will take the student to the assignment details screen. They will need to click the magnifying glass icon to view your annotations:

magifying glass

The student will then be able to view all annotations you have made on the Word document:

If students cannot view all of your annotated comments in the preview window, they can click the download file icon (1) and download as either a word doc (2) or PDF (3):

You can direct students to the following step by step directions on how to view annotations and all comments:


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