Per a faculty request, Instructure has shared the following statement on Canvas’ reliability & browser compatibility…

Instructure guarantees a 99.9% uptime backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Instructure continually monitors system performance and availability. In the unlikely event that the system performance degrades or the system becomes unavailable, Instructure will initiate fail-over to redundant resources and the Instructure Support and Engineering teams will analyze and resolve the cause.

Availability Statistics:

  • 2011, Canvas uptime was 99.96% (186 minutes of downtime).
  • For the previous 12 months as of September 11, 2012 Canvas uptime is 99.92%.

Instructure Engineering & Operations maintains an Outage Log which is the record of technical issues with a severity beyond the scope of our Support technicians, such as issues that would affect a significant percentage of our user base. The Outage Log records the data about each issue including:

•      Date, time, and duration

•      Affected System(s)

•      Steps Taken

•      Root Cause

Hosting Services and Data Backups
Canvas is a fully hosted, multi-tenant, cloud based LMS. Instructure hosts Canvas on the infrastructure provided by the Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Amazon Web Services (AWS) has successfully completed multiple SAS70 Type II audits, and has achieved ISO 27001 certification. AWS continually obtains the appropriate security certifications and conducts audits to demonstrate the security of its infrastructure and services.

Data backups occur in real-time and require no specific intervention or request. In addition to the live replication provided by the Amazon infrastructure and the Canvas implementation, Instructure routinely backs up Canvas databases and files for storage off-site and off of Amazon’s infrastructure, providing complete redundancy of all content and data and eliminating any single point of failure. Canvas provides Content Copy and Course Export tools that faculty and site administrators can use to maintain local copies of course content and assignments. However, the Amazon cloud infrastructure supporting Canvas provides auto-archiving. Any content and data that enters the Canvas platform is automatically saved redundantly across several servers and data centers.

Browser Compatibility
Canvas is fully browser enabled. Minimum supported browsers include:

•      Apple Safari 5

•      Google Chrome 9

•      Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

•      Mozilla Firefox 3.6

To ensure that future releases of browsers continue to deliver all core LMS functionality, Instructure’s QA and Engineering teams validate new versions of all supported browsers and update Canvas as necessary. If the browser vendor provides a public beta before release, Canvas will provide compatibility by the official release date of the new version of the browser. Otherwise, compatibility with the new browser will be provided within 30 days after release.

Instructure delivers the full Canvas feature set among all supported browsers. Because all browsers are built differently there may be a case where a bug appears in one browser but not others. In this case the user should report the bug, and if the bug is in a supported browser it will be assigned a priority level to be fixed in a future Canvas release.


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