>>> Blackboard is going away Summer Semester 2013. <<<

Based on student and faculty feedback, this past Spring Quarter Faculty Caucus & the DL Dept. formed a group of full-time & adjunct faculty with student input to conduct a Blackboard review. The review team identified key features in a rubric and then investigated various Blackboard competitors. Based on this review, the team recommended that while there would be growing pains, there was still more to gained in functionality, user friendliness and analytics by moving to a different system than sticking with Blackboard.

What are we going to replace it with?
The Review Team narrowed down the possibilities to two possibilities:
Instructure Canvas (www.instructure.com) & Sakai OAE (http://www.sakaiproject.org/node/2239)

What are test sandbox accounts I can use to play with these?
Canvas – server: http://ncstate.instructure.com
userid=dduck@ncstatecollege.edu password =123456

Sakai OAE – server = http://academic.rsmart.com/
userid= dduck password =1234

How will the College decide which one to go with?
By a college community vote in October. This vote results and all the other comments/feedback from Summer Alpha test classes and this month’s campus forums & demos will be forwarded to Faculty Caucus in Mid-October who will make the recommendation to administration on which option to go with. The winning option will be announced by November 2.

When will faculty have training available for the new system?
Before Thanksgiving break, the DL Dept., working with faculty caucus and the winning vendor’s training team will announce a transition training schedule for Spring Semester. Faculty participating in the Spring BETA test run will get details on a December break bootcamp.

How do I learn more or have my say about either option?
The DL Dept. is holding a series of in person forums & online webinars (as well as compiling resources in various online mediums) for the remaining weeks of September for students as well as for faculty, staff and administrators starting this week:

*•  Faculty/Staff/Admin Blackboard Change-Over  ONLINE Live Q&A Forum –Thurs., 9/13, 3:30pm-4:30pm – http://tinyurl.com/ncscdlonlinemtg

*    Faculty/Staff/Admin Blackboard Change-Over ON-Campus Q&A Forum – Fri., 9/14 9am-10am,  164 Fallerius

Come out and get your questions answered and have your say!



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